The Papua New Guinea Church Partnership (PNGCP) is the UK-based mission agency dedicated to raising awareness of, and support for, the Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea.

PNGCP is a voluntary association of members of churches of the Anglican Communion. Since the early 1900’s we have supported the work of the Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea – through prayer, by sending staff and raising funds.

PNGCP aims to encourage a Christian partnership with the Church in Papua New Guinea, to assist in the maintenance and extension of the work of the Anglican Province, and to forward the interest of the Anglican Province within the UK.

Based in London, PNGCP organises informational and fundraising events, produce newsletters, and help the Anglican Church provide education and healthcare for some of the world’s poorest people.

Email: pngcpoffice [at] gmail.com

Tel: 020 7313 3918

Papua New Guinea Church Partnership, St Andrew’s House, 16 Tavistock Crescent, London W11 1AP

CIO no. 1178290

PNGCP is registered as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) number 1178290.  During 2020 the majority of the assets were transferred from the Unincorporated Association number 249446.  This does not affect the work of PNGCP, it is merely a legal formality.  The two sets of Accounts need to be read in conjunction if you view PNGCP on the Charity Commission website.