Medical students and other volunteering opportunities

We receive occasional interest from medical and nursing students (primarily from the UK, but also Australia, Ireland and the United States) in volunteering or undertaking training placements in Papua New Guinea.

Papua New Guinea, like many other countries worldwide, faces an acute shortage of medical staff; a situation which has a direct impact on the lives of many of Papua New Guinea’s peoples. Whilst we would be delighted to offer and facilitate placements, the Anglican Church does not have the capability or resources (insurance and trained staff) to mentor and supervise. Historically, VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas, a UK charity) provided medical and nursing staff, as well as volunteers, particularly teachers, although we cannot confirm whether they still do today. We suggest you contact VSO direct or for medical and nursing students your university’s staff or in the UK the London or Liverpool schools of tropical medicine who might be able to suggest alternatives.

We have in recent years supported a Church of England ordinand (a trainee priest) visit Papua New Guinea to see firsthand and support the Church. If you are a Church of England (or from a church in the Anglican Communion) ordinand interested in a placement do get in touch.

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