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Treasurer vacancy

Hopes for a PNGCP Treasurer

Small charities such as this have deep roots and for minimal overheads encourage and assist stone age communities move into the electronics age, The truth is the people move into electronics without any intervening steps. The work is interesting, engaging and humbling.

The Basics

There are committee meetings four times a year in London at the Anglican Communion Office in Westbourne Park. Currently PNGCP has no paid staff and all committee members are active volunteers in the charity. The treasurer’s post is unpaid but expenses may be claimed.

We are small in numbers but great in influence .If you have the skills to contribute to this lesser known but important player in Australasia.

This voluntary position might suit a newly qualified accountant who wishes to advance her/his career in the Charitable Sector.

To consider possibilities contact:


Newsletters and other reading materials

December 2019, Summer 2019

+++ We are having IT issues uploading our Summer 2019 and December 2019 newsletters. Please email us for a copy. +++

Easter 2019

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Christmas 2018

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Nic Ramsden’s Kokoda Walk Report (September 2018)

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Summer 2018

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Easter 2018

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Christmas 2017

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Summer 2017

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Easter 2017

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Christmas 2016

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Summer 2016

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Easter 2016

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Christmas 2015

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Summer 2015

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Easter 2015

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Christmas 2014

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Summer 2014

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Easter 2014

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Christmas 2013

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The Second Papua New Guinea Bishops Walk 2007

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Reading List

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